California Academy of Sciences

Special Structures

For over 50 years Walter P Moore has created some of the world’s most ambitious and challenging structures.  We come to the design table armed with confidence built on deep technical expertise and practical construction knowledge.  The payoff is true collaborative creativity and innovation with architects and builders that results in beautiful and efficient structures. 

Special structures – including long span structures, membrane and tensile structures, kinetic structures, flood protection structures, intelligent parking structures, and structures with special loading conditions and complex geometry – set our firm apart from the competition.  Our track record speaks for itself, with dozens of industry awards for engineering excellence and numerous “industry firsts”, including the world’s longest arch span roof, the first use of performance based design for wind forces, status as the world’s top designer of retractable roof structures, and designer of the first – and most efficient - moving NFL field.  We repeatedly prove that no structural challenge is beyond our ability to innovate a solution.