Sunil Puri

Sunil Puri

Sunil Puri, PE


Sunil’s expertise includes evaluating and designing repairs for distressed and deteriorated parking structures and building façades. With more than 14 years of experience in structural and forensic engineering, he has designed and developed asset management programs for parking structure property owners. He has been published in Parking Today, Concrete International, and has been invited to present at various conferences on parking structures.

Sunil participates in the firm’s Project Management Committee and is an Associate Committee Member of the American Concrete Institute. In addition to membership in the International Concrete Repair Institute – Indiana Chapter, he received the Award of Appreciation as President in 2010. He is a licensed professional engineer in Georgia, Texas, and five other states. Sunil earned his Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and his Bachelor of Engineering in Structural Engineering and Construction Management in India.

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Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
If you surround yourself with smart, ambitious people, your benchmarks for success and quality automatically [rise]. Once I met WPM, I realized my search for a team had come to fruition.
If you had to choose a different career, what would it be?
Macro-economist, focused on financial health of developing nations
Name one problem in the world that you would most like to tackle.
Understand the intricacies of the human brain so we can map it, download memories, and upload data
What’s the best advice you’ve far?
Volunteer for challenges no one else wants


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Parking garages in the path of IRMA, LinkedIn September 2017