Technology Consulting

Walter P Moore Technology

Walter P Moore Technology offers a variety of IT based services to firms in the AEC community. We recognize that business today is highly dependent on the availability of reliable and robust technology infrastructure. Many firms find themselves in need of advice in the strategic, tactical and operational areas when it comes to IT Systems. Our services are designed to provide cost effective, expert solutions from seasoned IT professionals who have a detailed understanding of the AEC industry.


Walter P Moore’s IT Managed Services Program is structured to provide ongoing strategic, tactical, and operational IT services for your firm. This program provides you with access to our CIO and his team of IT professionals for all of your IT needs. These services can range from an overall assessment of your IT operations to a full spectrum of outsourced IT capabilities. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of Information Technology faced by firms in the AEC business and our experience is founded on the actual implementation of these technologies and best practices.

Our Strategic IT Advisory Program is designed to provide a comprehensive review and recommendations for many of your firm’s needs including overall IT policy definition and enforcement, disaster recovery/business continuity, cyber security review, and software compliance, as well as of day-to-day IT-related operational monitoring and support.

Walter P Moore’s technology group contains a core team of veteran programmers with experience in a wide variety of today’s development technologies including SQL/Relational Databases, JavaScript, Sencha Framework EXT JS, React JS, PowerShell, and many others. Additionally, we have significant design, development, and implementation experience with Microsoft SharePoint. Our projects leverage Agile development methodologies to maximize the effectiveness of the development process. Project experience includes web development, iOS application development, windows applications, data mining, and systems integration. These types of projects vary widely in scope but, all deal with producing functional applications and results for our clients.

Innovations in rendering technology have allowed us to leverage the strength of virtual reality in project delivery. Compared to traditional means of visualization, the immersive VR experience enables project stakeholders to experience their designs in innovative new ways providing a powerful sense of presence and opening doors to unique and valuable methods of collaboration. Our VR Studio has developed a streamlined VR model build process and a collection of proprietary VR tools that provide clients with ways to know what a design space feels like, not just what it looks like.

Whether you are comparing façade details, checking for visibility of signage, or detecting model clashes, being able to jump into a project and experience it yourself can be invaluable—and our tailored approach lets us collaborate with clients to add new, customized content to any build.

The complexity and rapid-paced development of today's projects are challenging the industry to find new, innovative approaches to project delivery. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design have emerged as high-tech, process transformational methods to address some of these challenges. BIM-based project delivery enables owners, contractors, consultants, and other stakeholders to visualize and understand evolving designs and collaboration issues as never before.

Our team provides a technology-based coordination process that leverages the geometry information and other data contained in the individual 3D discipline models developed for the project. Our solution uses a combination of the Navisworks technology framework and other internally developed resources to provide a managed approach to interference detection and change control. This process can provide a suitable framework for clash detection and subsequent management of interference resolution issues.