Tom Szewczyk

Tom Szewczyk, PE, SE


Having joined the industry in 2004, Tom is a Principal and Project Manager with diversified structural engineering design experience. His perspective and design approach combine the technical understanding of structural engineering with an in-depth appreciation for the overall architectural concepts of function, aesthetic, and efficiency.

Tom earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University and his Master of Science in Structural Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Why Walter P Moore?
We are a firm that excels in technically innovative design and holds sacred the quality of what we do, but we do so as a team and not as a collection of profit centers.
Outside of professional activities, what other activities or hobbies do you enjoy?
Anything and everything outdoors — hiking, skiing, cycling, rolling down hills with my kids.
What inspired you to become an engineer?
I always liked form, design, architecture. I was good at math, science, and problem solving, but drawing? Not so much.


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