Woonerf Design Enhances Pedestrian Safety for Fortsmith Project

Woonerf Design Enhances Pedestrian Safety for Fortsmith Project

September 24, 2015
Energy Corridor Woonerf

On Thursday, September 24th Walter P Moore’s Randy Schulze attended the Energy Corridor’s Fortsmith Street Dedication Ceremony. As part of the panel of guest speakers, Randy spoke about “Woonerf Design and Benefits” and “What Makes the Street Safer.

So what exactly is a “Woonerf’? Woonerf, pronounced voo-nerf, is a Dutch word that means, roughly, living street. It is a street designed to be driven in but at such a low speed that pedestrians can enjoy walking. The Fortsmith project converted a street that was partially paved into a Woonerf. The result is a road without curbs so the vehicle travel way and sidewalks are close to the same grade, creating a shared space. The pedestrian experience is further enhanced by traffic calming and landscaped areas to designate a pedestrian zone.

The Woonerf concept was also used for the Southwest University Park project in El Paso. The design provided the City of El Paso and team owner the option of creating a larger pedestrian corridor as needed and space for outside ballpark vendors.

Southwest University Ballpark Woonerf