WPM Engineering, DPC

WPM Engineering, DPC is a New York-based engineering and consulting firm providing a full suite of services. Founded in 2001 by several stockholders of Walter P Moore, we are a diverse, globally experienced team of engineers, designers, and architects focused on the design and lifelong stewardship of complex, high-performance structures and infrastructure. Although separate companies, WPM Engineering and Walter P Moore work closely to leverage collective knowledge and deliver projects using innovative digital workflow processes. This allows all our clients — regardless of geography — access to 87 years of engineering and consulting experience throughout North America and globally.

WPM Engineering provides a full suite of Structural, Infrastructure, and Diagnostics engineering services, including (but not limited to):

Building Enclosure, encompassing

  • Enclosure Engineering
  • Enclosure Diagnostics 

Diagnostics, encompassing

  • Restoration & Renovation
  • Parking Restoration
  • Property Loss Consulting
  • Forensic Analysis