Emergency Response

Walter P Moore provides 24/7 emergency response services to disaster events such as construction collapse, explosions, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Our team of more than 260 licensed professional engineers provides unique, practical, and timely ways to implement improvements to structures at risk during catastrophic (CAT) events. We work with property managers, institutions, brokers, underwriters, claims teams, and external partners to evaluate the risks in your property portfolio.

Emergency Response or Forensic Requests

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Or contact directly — for 24/7 Emergency Response Services, contact Dan Orlich at 704.500.9332.


As part of our pre-loss services, we review property portfolios to identify areas of potential exposure to water damage, structural failure, or collapse. Walter P Moore provides clients the ability to protect your assets and guard against additional damage and lost revenue. Our services include:

  • Emergency preparedness services
  • Multi-risk assessments
  • Probable Maximum Loss (PML) studies
  • Flood and wind vulnerability evaluations
  • Flood and wind resiliency solutions

With offices in North America, Central America, and India, we’re used to responding to CAT events such as hurricanes, wind, and flooding. Within hours of a CAT event, whether man-made or weather-related, Walter P Moore’s engineering experts mobilize to conduct damage surveys and report findings in a timely manner.

Through our assessments, our experts identify patterns of damage and diagnose failures in heavily damaged structures. We determine the types of buildings that performed well during a CAT event, and identify those that were most vulnerable. In times of unfortunate weather events, our clients look to us to help with creative mitigation solutions such as flood doors, roof performance enhancements, and other areas of water damage restoration. We offer the following post-CAT event services

  • Structural forensics 
  • Structural/enclosure post-disaster assessments 
  • Flood/wind loss evaluations
  • Building code evaluation and consulting
  • Property mapping and documentation

We also collaborate post-event with construction service providers for:

  • Opinions of cost
  • Bid phase services
  • Water damage restoration/storm damage restoration
  • Third-party design review
  • Construction administration services

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