Fire Damage to an Industrial Building and How it was Repaired

17 May 2024  ·  10:15 AM–11:00 AM EST


Friday, May 17, 2024  ·  10:15 AM–11:00 AM EST


250 Johnnie Dodds Blvd Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

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ICRI Concrete Repair Carolinas


Additional Panelists:

Lukas Hayter Engineer Walter P Moore
Ed Kluckowski Director of Business Development and Marketing Freyssinet


Insight into engineering forensics and concrete repairs to a facility that was exposed to fire. The Engineer (Walter P Moore) determined the damage to the fire-exposed concrete (prestressed concrete beams and Double-Tees) and the contractor (Freyssinet) developed an external post-tensioned solution to put load-carrying capacity back into the damaged concrete beams and Double-Tees.