Hakim Bouadi

Hakim Bouadi

Hakim Bouadi, PhD, PE


Having worked in the forensic engineering field since 1995, Hakim is a Principal and Senior Project Manager in Walter P Moore’s Diagnostics Group. His expertise encompasses both new design and existing structures, including evaluating, assessing, and designing repairs for distressed steel and concrete structures, façades, and below-grade waterproofing on concrete substrates. He also develops work scopes, repair details, repair procedures, and technical specifications for restoration/rehabilitation projects. Hakim earned his Doctorate and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin, and earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique in Algeria. He is a licensed professional engineer in Texas, Alabama, Indiana, and Oklahoma. 

Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
In my last year at the University of Texas at Austin, my professors gave me information on Walter P Moore. I was impressed by the technical talent and the project diversity. Due to the talent and the culture, I understood continued learning and development of skills is engrained here.
What’s your favorite way to pass time?
Reading non-fiction books.
What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
Contributing to the built-environment and improving the user’s experience within that environment.
In a word, what should your co-workers expect of you?


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