LEAN Insights by MooreExpert Ryan Seckinger

LEAN Insights by MooreExpert Ryan Seckinger

June 8, 2018

Walter P Moore's expert on Lean Construction, Ryan Seckinger, takes the hot seat in the Lean Construction Institute's latest corporate member Q&A...

Lean Expert Insight: Technology, Flow Efficiency, and a Grass-Roots Lean Journey

How did you hear about Lean and when did you embark on your Lean journey?

Seckinger: As Walter P Moore started to explore and research Lean, the more interested we became and the more application we saw both within our company and on our project teams. We looked at applying Lean to develop a more focused understanding of what our clients value, and also what impact it had on our practice, specifically in the delivery of complex projects. So, a group of us started attending LCI national events and invited others from Walter P Moore to the LCI Congress, LCI’s Lean in Design Forum, and the annual forums out at University of California, Berkeley. MOORE...

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