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Firm Profile

Walter P Moore is an international company of engineers, architects, innovators, and creative people who solve some of the world’s most complex structural and infrastructure challenges. Providing structural, diagnostics, civil, traffic, parking, transportation, enclosure, technology consulting, and construction engineering services, they design solutions that are cost- and resource-efficient, forward-thinking, and help support and shape communities worldwide. Founded in 1931, Walter P Moore‘s 800+ professionals work across 24 U.S. offices and six international locations.

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Full Color Logo

Our primary logo is the full color logo. It should be used on a white background whenever possible. If placed on an image or color, the image or color must be less than 30% opaque.

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One Color Black Logo

Our secondary logo is a solid black logo. It should be used on a white background as required for grayscale or one color applications. Do not place on a background that is greater than 30% opaque.

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One Color White Logo

Our tertiary logo is a solid white logo. It can be used in instances where a dark background or image is present when the background or image is more than 50% opaque.

Editors Note

There is no period after the “P” in Walter P Moore.