Michele Cyr

Michele Cyr, PhD, PE


Having begun her AEC career in 2003, Michele joined Walter P Moore's New York Diagnostics Group in 2019 as a Senior Project Manager. An expert in forensic engineering, she specializes in the performance of structures and construction materials, especially concrete and cement-based materials.

Michele performs post-disaster, structural damage assessments following earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires. She has conducted a variety of building investigations, including the evaluation of concrete, fireproofing, roofing materials, windows, curtain walls, flooring, water intrusion, and vapor transmission through concrete slabs. She has also evaluated the effects of construction activity such as construction vibrations and excavation on adjacent structures and has experience with demolition engineering.

Michele earned her Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the Catholic University of America and both her Master of Science and Doctorate in Structural Engineering and Materials from Northwestern University.

How does engineering make a difference in the world?
Evaluating buildings following disasters helps keep people safe and gets them back to normal as quickly as possible.
What gets your creativity flowing?
Stepping back to look at the big picture and bouncing crazy ideas off other people.
If you had to choose a different career, what would it be?
A National Park Ranger


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