MoorePEOPLE: Newest Faces at Walter P Moore

MoorePEOPLE: Newest Faces at Walter P Moore

June 20, 2019

Walter P Moore welcomes 10 new faces hailing from coast to coast. Meet our newest engineers, architects, and parking experts and find out who has a twin brother who is also an engineer, whose band briefly held the #1 download spot on, who almost became a professional baseball player, and Moore…

Darek Brandt, PE / Senior Project Manager / Diagnostics, Orlando

In Six: Professional, courteous, honest, diligent, positive, energetic.
Roots / Alma Mater: Orlando, Florida / University of Central Florida
On what inspired him to become an engineer: “I was always fascinated with the mechanics of how the built world was designed and constructed. From a young age, I enjoyed taking things apart and reassembling them.”
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: Automotive industry designer
Forte: Moore about Darek…

Chuck Cardwell, PE, LEED AP / Principal, Managing Director / Structures, Charlotte

In Six: Refuses to stop until all done.
Roots / Alma Mater: Winston-Salem, North Carolina / North Carolina State University
On what inspired him to become an engineer: “One of my summer jobs in high school was helping build houses. I enjoyed seeing the framing of the house take shape and come together.”
Extracurricular Chuck: “I enjoyed coaching my (3) sons in youth sports; baseball, basketball, and football. After they aged out of my coaching, my wife and I enjoyed watching them play on their school and travel teams.”
Forte: Moore about Chuck…

Adhara Castelblanco, PE / Senior Engineer / Transportation, Houston

In Six: Yesterday impossible, today possible, tomorrow easy.
Roots / Alma Mater: Bogotá, Colombia / Texas A&M University
On what inspired her to become an engineer: “Coming from a very congested city, I have felt inspired to work in creating alternatives as sound solutions to improve quality of life of a society.”
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: “I would practice holistic medicine — Ayurveda. I’m inspired to help people improve the quality of their lives by making simple changes to their daily routines to maintain a healthy body and mind.”
Forte: Moore about Adhara…

James Cole, PE, CFM, CSM, ENV SP / Senior Engineer / Water Resources, Kansas City

In Six: Turns out, sky's not the limit.
Roots / Alma Mater: Kansas City, Missouri / University of Missouri
How does engineering (or what you do) make a difference in the world? “Access to clean water is essential for nearly all living organisms on earth. Effectively managing and protecting this resource benefits everyone. Flood control saves lives.”
Little-known tidbit: “I was in a band that was briefly the #1 download on When mp3's were a thing...”
Forte: Moore about James…

Steve Gleason, PE / Principal, Managing Director / Diagnostics, Atlanta

In Six: Exploring the wave-particle duality of life.
Roots / Alma Mater: Philadelphia/Wilmington / Georgia Institute of Technology
What’s the best advice you’ve received — so far? “A little learning is a dangerous thing. Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring.”
Little-known tidbit: Steve has a twin brother who is also an engineer.
Forte: Moore about Steve…

Chris Kahanek, PE, SE, AIA, CMEngNZ / Principal, Managing Director / Diagnostics, Los Angeles

In Six: Persistently evolving toward the Big Vision.
Roots / Alma Mater: McDade, Texas / University of Texas
On what inspired him to become an engineer: “My dad is a civil engineer. He always told me I would make a good architect, so I followed his advice.”
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: “This will sound boring, but I probably should have gone into web programming. I enjoy it and it is a fast-evolving, exciting field that is having a big impact on the AEC industry.”
Forte: Moore about Chris…

Annie Lo, AIA, LEED AP / Principal, Managing Director / Diagnostics, San Francisco

In Six: Ambitious and resolute — let's do this!
Roots / Alma Mater(s): Los Angeles-Pasadena, California / Columbia University, NY; Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA
Why Walter P Moore: “I chose Walter P Moore for its focus and growth in Building Enclosure work and the collective expertise and passion of its team members.”
2nd career choice, if not an architect: “I'd be a Graphic Designer with my own print shop.”
Forte: Moore about Annie…

David Moore / Senior Parking Consultant / Parking, Atlanta

In Six: Always know what you will get.
Roots / Alma Mater: Sharon, Pennsylvania / Youngstown State University
Little-known tidbit: “I earned a four-year scholarship to play baseball at Youngstown State University, in Youngstown, Ohio. My love for the game gave me aspirations of making a career out of it, but I later discovered my baseball talent was good enough for college, but not the big leagues.”
Role model, professional or other: “My father — he taught me to work hard and treat people nicely and respectfully.”
Forte: Moore about David…

James Napoli, PE / Senior Project Manager / Diagnostics, New York City

In Six: Tomorrow will be yesterday very soon.
Roots / Alma Mater: East End of Long Island, New York / Northeastern University
Why Walter P Moore: “Excellent reputation, exciting opportunity to help grow a newer market, NYC Diagnostics.”
Extracurricular James: “I enjoy hiking, fishing, bike riding, and most outdoor activities. Although I love to fish, I get terrible sea-sickness.”
Forte: Moore about James…

Nicolas Rodrigues, PE, SE / Senior Project Manager / Structures, San Francisco

In Six: Accomplished early, more coming, no limit.
Roots / Alma Mater(s): Dublin, California / University of California, Berkeley; Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Why Walter P Moore: “The opportunity to help build and lead a collaborative team is very appealing. The connections across the firm’s offices make this obtainable.”
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: “A chef! I love to start with no plan and finish with a successful dish. (It happens sometimes...)”
Forte: Moore about Nic…