BrandMoore: New Logo, New Look!

03 May 2019
Wpm news new logo 01


Just unveiled! We’re so excited to finally launch our new logo and visual identity. Yesterday at just past 2:00 p.m. CST, our CEO, Dilip Choudhuri, and Director of Corporate Marketing, Rick Craft, revealed the new graphic identity at a live, company-wide broadcast.

“Our brand — who we are as a company — hasn’t changed. It is the visual representation of our brand that has evolved to match not only who we are today, but who we are becoming,” said Dilip in his opening comments. “This logo aligns perfectly with our brand, with the strength of our core positioning, and with our outlook for the future.”

What it Means

The core element of the logo is the triangle — a strong and versatile shape that represents the individual. This is each team member. Contained in this powerful shape are each member’s knowledge, experience, and unique talents.

Each individual is part of an interconnected team of teams which represents our approach to problem solving — intelligently combining our strengths to deliver extraordinary results.

Our teams unite to form the fabric of our organization — our expertise and practice areas work as one. Our network is strong, flexible, and adaptable, as it must be, to solve the most complex challenges of our time.

The symbol embodies our character — exemplifying individuals, teams, and networks as pillars of great strength whose unbridled curiosity advances innovation and growth in our enduring quest for knowledge and excellence.

It represents Walter P Moore.

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