Campus Connectivity Through Parking

30 September 2022
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This article by Chad Snyder originally appeared in the April 2022 issue of Parking Magazine.


The Coliseum Parking Garage is located between the academic core and the athletics core on the campus of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.

It supports the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and surrounding buildings. The 199,000-square-foot, 551-space design-build project has four levels and includes a stand-alone structure for the university’s police department.

Natural Slope Design

The garage has two distinct design features.

The first is a pedestrian pathway connection with an elevated walkway that integrates into the garage’s second level.

This keeps the pedestrian entrance and exit above the vehicular path, providing an extra safety measure.

The second design feature is the natural slope of the surrounding landscape that was incorporated into the design of the first-level ramp.

This minimized excavation during construction and building the perimeter of the retaining wall. Campus Connectivity Through Parking New garage at Sam Houston State serves as epicenter for a number of campus buildings.

Next-Level Navigation

A barrier-free parking access control system uses LPR to provide seamless interaction. To enhance the parking wayfinding system, a facility count system displays the number of spaces available.

The parking layout includes three 61-foot-wide two-way bays that have 90-degree parking on both sides.

A single parkable ramp located on the exterior bay optimizes parking layout and increases the quantity of flat-floor parking. EV charging stations are located on the first level.

Blend of Style & Materials

The precast concrete facade includes corrugated and perforated metal panels that are similar to other campus buildings and also incorporate the school colors of orange and white. Interior spaces visually connect with the outdoor space, vehicle entry, and elevator access points. Open stairwells with enhanced lighting provide security features.

The interior finishes are durable and low maintenance, as requested by the university.

Integrated Landscape

Low-maintenance landscaping beds enhance the existing grounds and provide a pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians moving between the garage and coliseum. The lawn area east of the garage has been reestablished and gives pedestrians a park-like setting for special events and everyday use.

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