City of Bentonville Recognizes Walter P Moore with Design Firm of the Year Award

08 April 2024
WPM Design Firn of the Year

The City of Bentonville’s Design Firm of the Year Award recognizes Walter P Moore’s design proficiency, client service, and project management for improvements to city’s landscape and work on the new Walmart Home Office. 


Walter P Moore received the inaugural Design Firm of the Year Award in the Large-Scale Development category from the City of Bentonville, Arkansas, for their design improvements to the city’s landscape as well as for the work on the new Walmart Home Office campus

Commitment to Excellence

“Walter P Moore’s exceptional work on the Walmart campus project has transformed our city’s landscape and enhanced our community’s quality of life,” said City of Bentonville Mayor Stephanie Orman. “Their dedication to excellence and innovation is truly commendable and deserving of this prestigious award.” 

The Design Firm of the Year Award recognizes excellence in design proficiency, exceptional client service, and outstanding project management. According to the City of Bentonville, Walter P Moore distinguished themselves through their commitment to excellence throughout every phase of the ongoing Walmart Home Office campus project and the immediate area outside the campus by integrated design elements that align with the city’s natural environment while concurrently meeting the environmental and sustainable designing principles of the campus project. 

“We are deeply grateful to the City of Bentonville for their recognition and support. Our sincere thanks also go to Walmart for their vision and trust in our work on the Walmart Home Office Campus,” said Ted Vuong, Managing Director of Houston Civil Engineering Services at Walter P Moore. “Receiving the Design Firm of the Year award is an immense honor that inspires us to continue creating innovative spaces.” 

In recent years, Walter P Moore’s design expertise and innovation have evolved Bentonville’s built environment, setting new standards for excellence in design, engineering, and construction.

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