Daily's Place Challenges the Definition of Modern Design

24 August 2017
Dailys place overall view


Randy Braun and his team in the Walter P Moore Kansas City office worked in tandem with Populous to design the magnificent structure now known as “Daily’s Place,” the Jaguars’ new 6,000-seat amphitheater and 94,000-square-foot indoor practice field.

Inspired by the city’s mesmerizing network of estuaries and bridges that span the St. Johns River and frame the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars’ home facility, Daily’s Place, the Jaguars’ new 6,000-seat amphitheater and 94,000-sf indoor practice field, owes its identity to a local convenience store chain that won the naming rights.

There was nothing convenient about the amphitheater’s design, however. The 160,000-sf structure is a deceptively complex building, marked by its most intricate feature, an undulating roof. Hundreds of AEC professionals scattered around the world employed a dazzling array of 3D and 4D software programs to create and build this signature design element. MORE...

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