Data-Driven: Infrastructure Construction Looks for an Answer

01 October 2019
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Moore Expert and Chief Information Officer Jim Jacobi talks technology infrastructure, digital delivery, and AI to Constructech:

New, data-focused technology has helped the engineering and construction of infrastructure projects, perhaps more so than residential and commercial construction. Companies that have focused on data are making faster progress, are seeing more success, and are gaining in profitability because of it.

Said Jim, “We have become a very data-centric organization in terms of how we conduct our designs. In 2005, we moved one of our practice areas completely over into a data-centric delivery method. That has led to significant improvements in the quality of design, the quality of construction, early identification of conflicts, and better coordination between disciplines. I think of data as the new currency. That is what is going to be the driving force behind success in design and construction, and even operations, in the years to come.”

Moore with Jim and Constructech...

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