Four Ways to Get the Most out of Your Venue

18 February 2019
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National Sports Market Leader and U.S. sports engineering specialist, Bart Miller, lends a behind-the-scenes take on venue structures and four key aspects every owner and arena manager should be considering—from a structural engineer’s perspective.

Featured in PanStadia & Arena Management’s “Sports Architecture Evolves” showcase, Miller shares, “As a structural engineer for major sports venues and venue improvement projects across the U.S., I’ve seen numerous opportunities for structural design to boost revenues and provide venue flexibility. Structural efficiency is certainly important but ensuring that these venues are financially successful now and into the future by responding to current trends and anticipating the next ones is what really matters.”

“We know the game day experience is changing. What may be less apparent is that today’s entertainment experiences—concerts, specifically—are changing as well, and are impacting both the technology and infrastructure required in a multi-purpose venue. Concerts are asking more of arena roof structures with each new tour by applying heavier and more numerous loads, often that move, distributed over much larger areas than ever before.”

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