LID in the Bayou City: Andrés Salazar and Charlie Penland present at EWRI International LID Conference

04 March 2015
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Please join us Tuesday and Wednesday, January 20 and 21 if you’re attending the 2015 EWRI International Low Impact Development (LID) Conference in Houston, Texas. Walter P Moore’s Andrés Salazar and Charlie Penland discuss local stormwater management trends and LID strategies used on Texas’s first Greenroads® Project.

Midtown Redevelopment Authority Bagby Street Reconstruction

Tuesday 20 January // 10:30 am – noon // Technical Session 5-3

Andrés Salazar, Managing Director of Walter P Moore’s Water Resources Engineering group, shares how this street revitalization project implemented aggressive LID strategies to improve stormwater quality, offset carbon emissions, and create a thriving asset for the neighborhood and the city. Learn about the use of rain gardens in an urban setting and how the Bagby Street project became the first Greenroads Project in Texas (8th in the world) and was the highest-rated project ever (Silver Certified) at the time of its certification in October 2013. MORE

Stormwater Management Trends in the Houston Area: From Pipes and Channels to Low Impact Development

Wednesday 21 January // 8:30 – 10 am // Technical Session 8-5

Charlie Penland, Walter P Moore’s Director of Civil Engineering, and Andrés Salazar present the challenges of stormwater and floodplain management issues in low-lying, coastal areas such as Houston, and how Low Impact Development is emerging as a viable strategy for dealing with these issues. MORE

We hope to see you there!

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