Lots & Lots of FEET...

10 February 2016
85th fun fact email 5


Fifth #FunFact about being 85 (besides saying that five times fast): lots & lots of FEET!


Not the pitter-patter variety — although we have lots of those, too (1,140 to be exact) — but the square type. The square footage of all of our offices around the globe adds up to approximately 3.25 White Houses. Totaling 54,900 square feet, the six-storied White House contains

132 rooms

35 bathrooms

412 doors

147 windows

28 fireplaces

8 staircases

3 elevators


And speaking of feet, our Washington, D.C. office is just 1,584 feet — a mere 5-minute stroll by foot — from the presidential palace. Come visit us next time you’re in town!

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