MLS Stadium Design Evolves

20 December 2018
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National Sports Market Leader and Moore Expert Bart Miller examines the trends in the evolution of MLS stadium design from the structural engineer’s perspective in the 2018 Showcase Special of PanStadia & Arena Management.

“Over the past six years, Walter P Moore has been involved in the delivery of four completed MLS stadiums, with another scheduled to open in 2019 and three more currently in design.

During that time, the popularity of MLS in the US has grown exponentially, and the importance of soccer-specific stadiums to local communities and the expectations of passionate fan bases for those venues have grown to match.

We’ve seen stadiums expand in seating capacity and move to downtown areas from the suburbs. We’ve watched dynamic façade systems and iconic canopy structures transition from amenity to design essential as overall investment in both clubs and venues has substantially increased.”

Additional expertise from Kansas City Structures project manager Justin Barton, who is currently leading his third MLS stadium structural design, was also featured.

“ ‘When the engineering of the façade is integrated into the structural design, the result is a comprehensive and cohesive system that optimises primary, secondary and tertiary support systems,’ explains Justin Barton, Principal with Walter P Moore.

‘Our integrated design approach and digital process rationalises complex geometries to deliver customised designs with standardised components. This allows the owner and design team to protect the original design intent and avoid compromising façade design integrity due to budget constraints forcing off-the-shelf solutions.’”

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