MooreExpert Kelly Roberts Continues to Educate Others About the Growing Issues Surrounding Embodied Carbon

26 October 2018
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Structural Sustainability expert Kelly Roberts recently presented on “The Purpose of Resource Stewardship” at USGBC Georgia’s Regenerative Design Summit. The panel discussed the role of resource stewardship at both buildings and systems scale in regenerative development and design, a topic Roberts is passionate about.

“One of the reasons I got into engineering and loving buildings is because you feel that you can have a lasting positive impact — you’re doing something that will affect society as whole, that will go beyond you. But the thing is that if you’re negatively affecting the environment at the same time that you’re building a wonderful building, then you’re not doing what you’ve set out to do.”

Roberts speaks at USGBC-Georgia Regenerative Design Summit. Inspired by Roberts’ fervor for addressing the issues surrounding embodied carbon and developing solutions, The Kendeda Fund, reached out to Roberts for a more in-depth look.

“Even if we make reductions on every single project, though, we won’t really understand the impacts that our reductions are having until we start measuring the impacts on every project. So we have a long way to go. But I strongly believe that all of us could make a difference. There’s no magic bullet. There are a lot of little steps. And I think that all of us could do a lot more immediately.”

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