MoorePEOPLE: New Faces & Changing Places at Walter P Moore

23 September 2019
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Walter P Moore welcomes six new faces and congratulates one of our current employees who relocated to our Austin office to expand the Diagnostics Group. Find out who solves problems while he sleeps, who completed an 18-day, 140-mile hike in the Himalayas, who beat cancer twice!

Maziyar Bolour, PEng / Manager / Diagnostics, Toronto

In Six: Don’t find fault; find a remedy.
Roots / Alma Mater: Thornhill, Ontario, Canada / Azad University
Role model: His grandfather, who was also a world wrestling champion and an actor.
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: “I would have most likely become a dentist (if there were absolutely no other options). I enjoy working with tools and equipment — especially the high-tech ones.”

Michael Brown, PhD, PE / Project Manager / Diagnostics, Austin

In Six: Introverted, Philomath, Questioner, Sarcastic, Survivor, Tall.
Roots / Alma Mater: Fort Worth, Texas / University of Texas (Austin)
Best advice you’ve received so far: There are two terms that should be avoided when describing one’s work: good enough and perfect. If the goal is “good enough,” the results reflect that. If the goal is “perfect,” there will never be any results.
Proudest accomplishment to date: “I have beaten cancer…twice.”

Tanjeet Juneja, SE, LEED AP / Project Manager / Structures, San Francisco

In Six: Provides intelligent solutions, ideas, and decisions.
Roots / Alma Mater: San Francisco, California / University of Texas (Austin)
Why Walter P Moore: “Walter P Moore is an industry leader that has created some of the most unique and challenging buildings. I am excited to be a part of this team and contribute in its mission to create exceptional engineering solutions.”
2nd career choice, if not an engineer: Painter/Artist

Matthew Rechtien, PE, Esq / General Counsel / Corporate, Houston

In Six: Always leave yourself with some outs.
Roots / Alma Mater(s): East Lansing, Michigan / University of Michigan, University of Texas, University of Washington
2nd career choice, if not an engineer and attorney: I would be an historian, preferably studying and writing about the American Civil War.
Best advice you’ve received so far: “In practicing law, there are a handful of sayings or maxims to which I frequently return: e.g., ‘you can’t beat something with nothing,’ and ‘we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.’”

Justin Stolze, PE, SE, LEED AP BD+C / Senior Project Manager / Structures, New York City

In Six: Always try to be my best.
Roots / Alma Mater: Northport, New York / The Cooper Union, The University of Tokyo
Why engineering: “I always loved physics and mechanics at school, and I decided to work in structural engineering after walking around New York and being in awe of all the tall buildings.”
Proudest accomplishment to date: Completing an 18-day, 140-mile hike of the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas.


Matt Heringer, PE, PEng / Manager / Diagnostics, Austin

In Six: I enjoy the path less traveled.
Roots / Alma Mater: Lambert, Montana / South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Why engineering: “I have always been driven to solve technical problems since I was very young and engineering was a natural outlet for this desire.”
Little-known tidbit: “The problems I find most challenging I typically solve when I’m sleeping.”

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