Seven New Faces Bring Vibrant Mix of Skill and Passion

27 June 2023
Portrait of Nila Abubakar standing next to a warm wooden wall in an interior office space.

Hailing from six different offices across the firm, this talented group brings a vibrant mix of skills, passions, and accomplishments.

From participating in the Publix Atlanta Marathon to showcasing their musical talents on the piano, from mastering the art of Lego building to drumming to mesmerizing Middle Eastern rhythms, each new member adds a unique touch to our diverse team. Among them, you’ll find a recipient of the prestigious IIBEC award, a Latin dance enthusiast, a pie connoisseur, and a dedicated mentor to young engineers.

Nila Abubakar, PE / Managing Director / Diagnostics, Atlanta
Roots / Alma Mater: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / University of Pittsburgh
Little-known Tidbit: She participated in the Publix Atlanta Marathon.
Best Advice: “Listen more than you speak.”
(pictured above)

Jonathan Calton, PE, SE / Project Manager / Structures, Dallas
Roots / Alma Mater(s): Tampa, Florida / University of Texas A&M and University of North Texas
Why Walter P Moore: “I chose Walter P Moore because I wanted to remain rooted in structural engineering while maximizing my time listening to and serving clients, which I find the most satisfying.”
Outside the Office: Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, playing the piano, and staying active.

Carly Connor, MASc, CAHP / Senior Project Manager / Diagnostics, Toronto
Roots / Alma Mater: Hamilton, Ontario / McMaster University
2nd Career Choice: A master Lego builder.
Hobbies: Hiking, camping, traveling, and watching sports. 

Allison Kainer, CSM, CSPO, SAFe Agilist / Project Manager / Corporate, Houston
Roots / Alma Mater: El Campo, Texas / University of Texas A&M
Creativity: “What sparks my creativity is exposing myself to art, designs, ideas, cultures, and places.” 
Fun Facts: She makes jewelry, knows how to drum Middle Eastern rhythms, and can juggle. 

Royce Owens, EIT, RRO / Enclosure Consultant / Diagnostics, Houston
Roots / Alma Mater: Houston, Texas / The University of Texas at Austin
Inspiration: “I was inspired to pursue engineering by my grandfather, who designed and built homes.”
Proudest Accomplishment To-Date: Receiving the IIBEC Outstanding Chapter Silver Award. 

Mike Steehler, PE / Project Manager / Structures, New York
Roots / Alma Mater: Rochester, New York / Penn State University
Aha Moment: “I’ve always had an interest in designing, creating, and building. I quickly realized that structural engineering is the perfect junction of science and creativity. As engineers, we help make a lasting impact in our communities.”
Hidden Talent: Baking delicious pies. 

Herbert Vaca, PE, SE / Senior Project Manager / Structures, Los Angeles
Roots / Alma Mater(s): La Paz, Bolivia / University of Southern California and University of California at Berkeley
Work Satisfaction: Mentoring young engineers. 
2nd Career Choice: A detective. 

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