More With Less, Less With More

24 July 2020
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Principal and Managing Director Erik Verboon teams up with IGS Magazine to discuss how experts at Walter P Moore are adapting our approach to design and delivery. Read the full article here.


“Are the good times really over for good? I often think about these lyrics to the Merle Haggard song of the same name when faced with the challenges presented by increasingly stringent codes and sustainability trends.

Trends like carbon neutrality are becoming driving parameters in the design of our enclosure systems. Gone are the days where building designs utilizing expansive glazing, with questionable thermal performance go unfettered by the governing bodies
overseeing what we build or occupied by tenants apathetic and ill-informed about the impact these buildings have on our environment. I’m not old enough to give “Back in the Day stories”, nor did I start my career in a period where performance was
not a concern, but I can say that what we have experienced in the realm of energy codes and sustainability initiatives in the last few years is markedly more intense than when I started my career 17 years ago. Accountability is now the driving
force behind how buildings are expected to perform and how their performance is proven and documented in the design and construction phases. And it’s about time.”

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