Newly Promoted Talent: 2023 Principals

26 October 2023
Photo of David Santino in blue blazer with contemporary windows in background.


Our Board of Directors has named 15 new Principals to the leadership team, enhancing the firm’s expertise in various practice areas. These individuals have collectively contributed to our team’s ongoing success in the engineering industry. Get to know them: some have run marathons, are avid Premier League fans, have worked as pastry chefs, participate in the ACE Mentor program, enjoy indoor rock climbing, and have musical talents.

David Santino

David is from Queens, New York, and graduated from Rowan University and The University of Texas at Austin. He is a Senior Project Manager at Martinez Moore Engineers Houston Structures Group with more than a decade of experience in structural engineering, analysis, design, and detailing of concrete and steel structures. In addition, David is an expert in multiple market sectors including education and healthcare. David takes a pragmatic approach to delivering structural solutions to address the public’s interaction with an evolving urban landscape. A fun facts about David is that his family was featured in an early 1990s documentary about life in New York City that was aired in Japan. He believes engineering enriches peoples’ lives by allowing them to interact with the built environment in a more positive, meaningful way.

Travis Allen

Travis is from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and graduated from the University of Florida. He is a Project Manager in the New York Structures Group, with a decade of experience in structural engineering. He provides technical expertise, strong communication, and project management skills to effectively manage highly complex and fast-paced projects. Travis is an expert in various market sectors including aviation, commercial, entertainment, healthcare, mixed-use and retail, and sports. For each project, Travis applies a commitment to innovative client-first solutions. Outside of typical steel and concrete systems, he has unique experience working with structural renovations, secure design requirements, and connection design. If he chose a second career, he would be a math or physics teacher and one fun fact about Travis is that he ran a marathon to win a bet.

Ozgur Atlayan

Ozgur is from Bursa, Turkey, and he graduated from Middle East Technical University and Virginia Tech. Ozgur is a Senior Engineer in the San Francisco Structures Group and brings more than 10 years of expertise in the structural design of new buildings, seismic assessment, and retrofitting of existing structures. His expertise includes performance-based design for high-rise buildings, seismic strengthening, and long-span roof design through advanced nonlinear analyses. He has conducted in-depth research into the seismic behavior of various structural steel systems and modified design and detailing rules to make the traditional seismic force-resisting systems perform better at multi-level seismic hazards. Ozgur finds work satisfaction in seeing his designs built to completion and his favorite hobby is watching Premier League games.

Gulzat Atymtayeva

Gulzat is from Kazakhstan, and graduated from University of Evansville and University of California, Davis. She is a Project Manager in the Austin Construction Engineering Group and brings over a decade of structural engineering experience to the team. Her expertise encompasses analysis of complex structures for temporary conditions and high-level project execution. Gulzat consistently seeks opportunities to optimize her work processes by leveraging and advancing digital tools. She is proficient at connection design and erection engineering, demonstrating conscientiousness of scope and budget while fostering robust client relationships. Gulzat believes that engineers provide creative solutions to various problems and make our world a better and safer place. Few know, but she dreams of opening her own pastry shop one day.

Amey Bapat

Amey is from Mumbai, India, and graduated from University of Mumbai and Virginia Tech. He serves as the Head of Diagnostics at the Pune office, boasting a decade of experience in the realm of existing structures. His primary focus revolves around the restoration and renovation of structures, forensic engineering, and building enclosures. Amey’s proficiency spans structural and enclosure assessments, non-destructive testing, advanced analysis, and the design of retrofit and repair solutions for structures. His expertise extends across diverse market sectors, including commercial, education, government, healthcare, industrial, and transportation. Furthermore, as a member of the Project Management Committee, he plays a pivotal role in shaping and implementing project management standards throughout the organization. He finds inspiration in the variety of work and challenging projects and out of the office he enjoys hiking and being in nature.

Brent Bolerjack

Brent is from Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and graduated from Oklahoma State University. He serves as a Team Director in our Oklahoma City office and manages transportation and civil projects for state and local governments. His extensive experience encompasses the oversight of a wide array of transportation-related endeavors including roadway and bridge design, bridge assessments and rehabilitations as well as pedestrian improvement projects. Additionally, Brent has extensive experience serving as a Program Manager for bridge inspection services throughout the state of Oklahoma. If he chose a second career, he would be a math teacher and his role models are his parents.

Rebekah Campbell

Rebekah is from McLeansboro, Illinois, and graduated from the University of Evansville. She contributes a wealth of experience in hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and associated design projects. Her project portfolio encompasses the design of detention basins, channel rehabilitation, and storm sewer enhancements, as well as analysis utilizing HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, XPSTORM, EPASWMM, and ArcGIS. She has also assumed a leadership role in managing FEMA and NRCS grant projects. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Rebekah plays an active part in various organizations, serving on the board of the Greater Houston Chapter of TSPE, being a member of the TFMA, and participating in the State Committee for MATHCOUNTS, a nationwide middle school mathematics competition. Her proudest accomplishment is being recognized as TSPE Greater Houston Chapter Young Engineer of the Year 2018 and recognized for work with MATHCOUNTS as a recipient of a TSPE Excellence Award. One fun fact about Rebekah is that she enjoys playing the piano and working on embroidery projects.

Kyle Dunning

Kyle is from Independence, Missouri, and graduated from University of Missouri-Kansas City and University of Texas at Austin. He is a Project Manager in Austin Structures Group. With a decade of experience in structural engineering, he is an expert in a diverse range of structural engineering analysis and design projects. Kyle brings expertise across a wide range of market sectors including commercial, education, entertainment, government, healthcare, hospitality, and sports. He is adept at collaborating with both the design team and contractors, working to balance project goals, budgets, and exceptional design. He has always been fascinated with the incredible structures found in different cities. His hobbies include traveling to cities around the world and volunteering for organizations like the ACE Mentor Program - Austin and the Austin Green Awards.

Joe Gannon

Joe is from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and graduated from North Dakota State University and University of Texas at Austin. He is a dedicated Project Manager and specializes in enhancing the physical security of structures, with a strong focus on security engineering, blast-resistant design, and force protection. His expertise in secure design has been instrumental in shaping the structural framework of numerous federal government facilities, industrial parks, airports, and sports stadiums. Joe’s proficiency extends to a range of blast software programs, including WinGard, LSDyna, Ansys, BlastX, 3DBlast, and many more, underpinning his commitment to ensuring the safety and security of critical infrastructure. He finds work satisfaction in helping clients and team members understand the aspects of their project they may not be familiar with. Joe’s best advice is to be aware that it’s okay to not have all of the answers immediately.

Ashley Gitlin

Ashley is from Los Angeles, California, and graduated from California State University, Chico. She serves as the firm’s West Coast Business Development Manager. She is a strategic leader and productivity driver. Ashley has more than a decade of experience in progressive achievement successfully scaling operations and building powerful brand awareness. She has worked with small to large-sized general contractors, and most recently, for a national developer. She specializes in the aviation, sports, commercial, higher education, and science and technology markets. As an energized and proactive manager, she is passionate about delivering game-changing solutions to bolster competitiveness and drive bottom-line profitability in complex markets. Ashley finds inspiration in being with family and friends, traveling, nature, good food and wine, and trying out new experiences. If she chose a second career, she would be a holistic business coach.

Deanna Rodriguez

Deanna is from Houston, Texas, and graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She is a Marketing Manager within the Corporate Marketing Group. With over two decades of marketing experience, she is dedicated to advancing the firm’s marketing efforts and is actively involved in developing and executing firm-wide marketing strategies. Deanna collaborates with cross-functional teams to ensure effective marketing initiatives and maintains brand consistency in all marketing materials. In addition to her role within the firm, Deanna has been a long-term member of the Society of Marketing Professionals Houston, currently serving as Chapter President. In various capacities, she has actively contributed to professional development, knowledge sharing, and the elevation of marketing practices in the AEC industry. If she chose a second career, she would be a forensic investigator and her hobbies include indoor rock wall climbing, audible self-development books, and trying to keep up her daily Duolingo Spanish.

Kiran Tamvada

Kiran is from Hyderabad, India, and graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, and Pennsylvania State University. He is a Design Manager in the Charlotte Structures Group. With over a decade of experience in structural engineering, he specializes in various market sectors including aviation, commercial, healthcare, higher education, and sports. Additionally, Kiran enjoys providing creative solutions to complex engineering problems that help realize the architect’s vision for a project. As a design manager, he brings extensive technical expertise that helps project teams deliver a variety of challenging projects. He believes engineering is all about creative problem-solving by utilizing scientific concepts to improve the quality of life. Outside of work Kiran enjoys connecting with nature, hiking, yoga, and meditation.

Shripad Vaikar

Shripad is from Solapur, Maharashtra, and graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, and Newcastle University. He has over 15 years of experience and excels in urban mobility problem-solving through traffic forecasting, four-stage modeling, and simulation tools at macro and micro levels. He expertly plans sustainable mobility networks for all road users while minimizing environmental impact. As a Certified Road Safety Auditor, Shripad has assessed over 1000 km for safety and specializes in resolving airport land-side mobility issues using VISUM, VISSIM, and VisWalk. His adept project management skills and technological insights allow him to efficiently handle large government projects within strict budgets and timelines. Shripad has received national and international awards, including the Commonwealth Scholarship Award, National Award for Bombay Metro Station Design, National Award for Textile Mill Land Redevelopment, and the BRICs-ABC Country Programme Award, showcasing his commitment to excellence. If he chose a second career, he would be an Air Force pilot and his best advice is to “be a good listener if you want to build stronger relationships.”

Peter White

Peter is from Waynesville, North Carolina, and graduated from North Carolina State University. He is a Senior Project Manager in the Charlotte Diagnostics Group. With 20 years of experience in structural and forensic engineering, he specializes in assessing and repairing building envelopes and structural systems for existing large-scale structures of varying construction types. Peter has demonstrated expertise in various market sectors including commercial, education, government, hospitality, industrial, and residential. He is instrumental in the development of restoration projects for building facades, concrete, steel, and wood structures, balconies, roofing systems, fenestration systems, and below-grade waterproofing. Peter also oversees the development of technical repair specifications, as well as bidding and construction administration. His aha moment happened in early childhood when he discovered he loved playing with Legos and building elaborate train stations and bridges. A fun fact about Peter is that he was a drummer in a cover band in Washington, D.C. for many years.

Jie Zuo

Jie is from Shanghai, China, and graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He is a Design Manager in the Washington, D.C. Structures Group with over a decade of structural engineering experience. His expertise extends across buildings in multiple market sectors, including aviation, sports, entertainment, cultural, and healthcare projects. Jie excels in the use of advanced data workflows, parametric modeling techniques, and practical detailing to streamline the structural design and construction. He enjoys collaboration with design and construction partners to ensure efficient solutions that align with the client’s vision. His focused attention to detail and planning elevates team coordination and project delivery. Jie takes great satisfaction in delivering challenging and complex structures that have a meaningful impact on the community. A fun fact about Jie is that at the age of 4, he immigrated from Shanghai, China to the suburbs of Kansas City, where he was raised and attended school. From there, he became a Kansas City Chiefs super fan, and his favorite player is Patrick Mahomes. Outside of the office Jie enjoys cooking, playing tennis and other competitive games, as well as traveling the globe with his wife. So far, his favorite destination is Japan.

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