Operation Snowball Revealed: How to Engineer a Happy Holiday

13 December 2017
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Operation Snowball’s mission was to build mystery and create suspense (both among co-workers and to the firm’s social media followers) as the Marketing Team created the holiday video over two days of filming. Marketing’s goal was to create a witty, light-hearted holiday video to email to staff and clients that wasn’t a typical corporate holiday greeting. Inspired by a YouTube video series called “Kid Snippets,” in which adults act out stories, but the voices are dubbed over with children’s voices, the team engaged several “actors” from across the firm. The result? Well, you’ll just have to watch.

P.S. You MUST use sound to enjoy the shenanigans...

Stressed much?
Never fear.

That’s sometimes easier said than done at this time of year.
But we’ve got you covered, we have just the thing!
We consulted the experts and their advice is king.
So sit back, relax, and turn your speakers on, 
(for without the sound, all the fun is gone).
Ready now? Let’s begin.
How to engineer your happy holiday — like a boss, for the win!


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