Restoration and Repairs in an Age of COVID-19

23 March 2020
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Originally published on LinkedIn by Matthew Heringer, Principal & Managing Director in Walter P Moore’s Austin DiagnosticsGroup.


Managing Director and Diagnostics expert, Matthew Heringer PE, P.Eng, addresses owners grappling with restoration and renovations during COVID-19.

As our communities are coming to grips with the ever-changing reality brought on by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Walter P Moore is looking at the challenges and opportunities facing facility owners and operators that we partner with every day to ensure the long-term sustainability and safety of their structures. Revenue-generating venues and facilities that rely on high-volume attendance are struggling with their bottom line as we social distance. Many businesses are grappling with the uncertainty of COVID-19, which reached pandemic levels last week. As a result, many venues and parking garages are currently empty.

The Silver Lining: Targeted Repairs With Low Impact to Normal Operation
As many structures sit idle, it is an ideal time to consider any restoration, renovation, and repair work normally coordinated with the operational needs and schedules of these facilities. Several owners are finding themselves in a position to start implementing planned work early on their existing facilities. With the freedom to execute the work without normal disruptions, owners are taking advantage of the potential for an accelerated project schedule.

Low Occupancy = Ideal Repair Time
In the case with owners and operators without plans for large scale restoration, renovation or repair projects, consideration can be given to targeting work in areas of the facility that would otherwise have a significant impact to normal operations. Concrete repairs at facility entry points and high occupancy/visibility areas, as well as replacement of expansion joints and applications of waterproofing membranes, are all work items that can temporary shut-down or substantially disrupt a facility under normal circumstances. When this work is undertaken as a part of a targeted project, it can be rapidly implemented so that the structure is ready when users return.

Let’s Prepare
As a leading international engineering firm based in the United States for over 89 years, we design solutions that are cost and resource efficient with our clients in mind. At this time, more than ever, it is vital to provide services and repair programs that minimize the impact to the owners, operators, and patrons of these valuable assets. We would love to hear from you regarding the challenges and innovative solutions that you are seeing in your local markets.

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