Southern California's Historic Crowning Jewel

17 September 2020
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Built by Rams’ owner and chairman Stan Kroenke, SoFi Stadium, located on the site of the former Hollywood Park racetrack in Inglewood, California, is the centerpiece of a 298-acre world-class sports and entertainment destination, Hollywood Park. Sports Business Journal featured the “greatest stadium in the world right now,” getting insider details from the project team. 

“Walter P Moore provided the structural and enclosure engineering services for SoFi Stadium. This included the seating bowl, performance venue and roof structures. ‘We created carefully engineered soil structures that appear as canyons to the patrons to
seamlessly transition from the entries to the lower portions of the stadium,’ said Mark Waggoner, principal and senior project manager for Walter P Moore.

The stadium’s design is a major factor in the team’s sustainability efforts. The indoor-outdoor concept eliminates the need to air condition 3.1 million square feet. Additionally, SoFi Stadium, along with the rest of the Hollywood Park entertainment district, contains onsite storm water reclamation centers. This allows storm water to be kept on site and used within the Hollywood Park complex, minimizing the impact of the area’s water needs on the city.

SoFi Stadium’s location less than half a mile from the Newport-Inglewood fault created seismic design challenges for the engineers. ‘The stadium is already 100 feet tall at ground level and is subject to the same seismic movements as a similar tall structure,’ said Rafael Sabelli, principal and director of seismic design for Walter P Moore. ‘We designed it so the stadium is surrounded by a large 100-foot tall earth-retention system, a MSE (mechanically stabilized earth) wall. This keeps the structures separate during a potential seismic event.’


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