Tennessee Titans Announces Team for New Nissan Stadium

23 January 2024
Crowds of people are at the Nissan Stadium.

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The Tennessee Titans unveiled their complete Architecture and Engineering (A&E) team for the New Nissan Stadium project. The project promises to deliver a transformative venue for sports, entertainment, and community events. Situated on Nashville’s east bank of the Cumberland River, the new stadium boasts a circular translucent roof, panoramic exterior porches, improved sightlines, and a 12,000-square-foot community space. 

The Tennessee Titans today announced the complete Architecture and Engineering (A&E) team for the New Nissan Stadium. The robust stadium project team is comprised of 24 firms, including nine local businesses and 13 disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs). “The architecture and engineering team’s role is to bring the stadium vision to life and ultimately deliver the construction plans to the construction manager,” said Adolpho Birch, Titans Senior Vice President and Chief External & League Affairs Officer. “We are tremendously excited by this A&E team, both for its considerable talent and its strong mix of local and diverse perspectives.”

TVS, announced last year as the stadium’s Architect of Record (AOR), will hold all contracts with the sub-consultants as they work together through the completion of the stadium design and administration of construction activity. “TVS is unbelievably proud to be a part of the formidable team bringing this transformational New Nissan Stadium to life,” said Robert O’Keefe, Principal, TVS. “This project is primed to become the premier destination for some of Nashville’s most exciting sports, entertainment and community events for decades to come.”

The New Nissan Stadium will be built on the east side of the current stadium campus, along Nashville’s east bank of the Cumberland River. Features of the building include a circular translucent roof, exterior porches with panoramic views of Nashville, improved sightlines for all spectators through a range of diverse seating experiences, and a 12,000-square-foot community space available for use year-round. 

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