The Making of a Glowing Façade

16 May 2019
2018 07 18 night3

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Opening to a sold-out crowd on April 13, 2019, Allianz Field is living up to the hype. The one-of-kind, translucent façade generates an experience like no other, allowing those both inside and outside of the stadium to experience the energy generated by the action on the pitch. 

Principal and Project Manager Justin Barton gives a behind-the-PTFE look at this unique and iconic structure in Architect’s Newspaper.

“According to the design team, the client initially approached Populous and Walter P Moore to produce a stadium with a translucent facade. The group was aware of a clear PTFE laminate being developed by French manufacturer Saint Gobain—now known as Illuminate 28—and facilitated the shipment of moderately sized samples from the company. These samples were used to construct a 6-by-6-foot mockup with the material to gauge its tensile and lighting qualities. The design and construction of the stadium occurred as the facade material was being developed.

‘Once we had a fabric and driver pipe design, then it was supporting the process throughout getting the owner, Mortenson, and FabriTec comfortable with the material and construction process,’ said Walter P Moore principal Justin Barton. ‘It started in February 2016 and went all the way through FabriTec’s final installation and punch list in late 2018, nearly 24 months of continual conversation.’”

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