Walter P Moore Releases Flood Protection Paper

03 August 2021
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International engineering firm Walter P Moore has released a new paper entitled An Introduction to Flood Protection: What Owners Need to Know to Protect Their PropertiesThe white paper focuses on the numerous flood protection approaches and building owner needs as well as an in-depth review of the flood protection process. The white paper also examines how to properly determine the flood resiliency of a property in order to provide a clear understanding of risk associated costs.

“Adequate flood protection is critical for building owners, especially as rain and flood-related events become more common,” says Doug Coenen, Principal and the Civil Engineering Business Development Manager in Walter P Moore’s Infrastructure Group. “I encourage building owners as well as engineers throughout the AEC industry to review this report and either start or continue discussions regarding flood protection with their peers.”

An Introduction to Flood Protection: What Owners Need to Know to Protect Their Properties includes a detailed examination of wet versus dry flood protection, active versus passive flood protection, how to properly execute a flood protection feasibility study, the six steps to a successful flood protection process, and detailed information on early warning flood forecasting.

“This white paper provides critical information building owners need in order to properly manage retrofitting existing structures to ensure they are prepared for flood-related events,” says Ray Drexler, Principal and Senior Project Manager in Walter P Moore Diagnostics. “It can serve as a baseline for engineers and architects to start these discussions with building owners.”

Download An Introduction to Flood Protection: What Owners Need to Know to Protect Their Properties.


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