Walter P Moore Responds to COVID-19

01 April 2020
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Walter P Moore is proactively responding to the emerging challenge of COVID-19 to keep its employees, clients, and business partners safe while continuing to meet its commitments. This resilience is an outcome of the firm’s early preparations and decisive yet nimble leadership, both at the firmwide and local levels.  Over the years we have made strategic and long-term investment in robust technology, building high functioning geographically dispersed teams, and a culture of continuous learning. Walter P Moore is setup as an integrated global team, without dispersed profit centers, that shares expertise globally to serve our clients.

In line with ongoing CDC recommendations, Walter P Moore has taken active measures to respond to COVID-19, including:

  • Forming a COVID-19 Task Force to integrate and disseminate incoming information, coordinate response strategies, facilitate the exchange of best practices across its 25 office locations, and guide and harmonize external communications. 
  • Restricting international and non-essential domestic travel.
  • Migrating to Work From Home (WFH) to increase social distancing and avoid mass transit. 
  • Directing employees to expert guidance regarding healthy behaviors and other timely subjects.

While transitioning to WFH, Walter P Moore remains focused on maintaining our project performance, leveraging our long-term commitment to digital work processes and virtual teaming across our international business platform. 

Walter P Moore has always had a distributed organizational structure, which includes local decision-makers, local design managers and operations controls, and communities of practice in each practice area built to provide ongoing guidance and quality assurance to our remote team members regardless of where they are working. We have built a firm that is resilient, and we have prepared our staff to be optimistic and resourceful. As a result, we will continue to serve our clients reliably even through the coming weeks and months of intense challenge. 

Thank you for your continued trust in our firm as we navigate what is ahead. Collectively, we will adapt and learn from this challenge. 

Dilip Choudhuri
President & CEO


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