The parking structure is a visitor’s first and last impression of a development which can positively or negatively influence a visitor’s perception. Traffic flow, vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding, as well as access/revenue control system design in parking facilities all impact a visitor’s perception of the entire facility.  

With budget constraints, material pricing, and client expectations constantly increasing, an efficient and focused garage design is of paramount importance. We are committed to creating synergy between our design team and the owner to deliver a parking facility that functions well, operates with ease, and provides the desired return on investment. Walter P Moore thinks outside the proverbial design box to create a parking facility that provides a high level of service, within the construction budget, and on schedule.

Functional Design
Perhaps the most important design element in garage design is the vehicular circulation pattern chosen for the garage.  Each of our designs are custom-tailored to the site as well as the needs of the client and end user.

Parking Access Revenue Control (PARCS)
Our diverse experience of parking facilities allows us to provide our clients with the Parking Access and Revenue Control (PARC) equipment most appropriate and cost effective for their needs. Our team brings hands-on operational experience and merges it with our leading edge software technology.

Wayfinding Graphics
We develop clear, concise and user-friendly custom-designed signage systems to efficiently guide vehicles and pedestrians through the parking facility. Our graphics programming experience includes static message signs and vehicle guidance systems.

Parking Guidance System
Parking Guidance Systems are designed to increase the utilization and efficiency of a parking facility by reducing the search time for spaces and improving the level of service. We develop the specifications for space availability/vehicle guidance systems that provide real-time information on the closest available parking spaces.