Passing the Test: Flood Gate Design Weathers Three Major Storms

Passing the Test: Flood Gate Design Weathers Three Major Storms

September 4, 2018

A flood mitigation system designed to protect the 3000 Post Oak office building following Houston's historic Memorial Day Flood of 2015 proved successful when the property was deluged once again almost a year later in the infamous Tax Day Flood of 2016. This second flood prompted the need to also design a protection system for the parking garage. This system employed passive floodgates, backflow preventers, and structural walls. The benefit of the passive approach is that it does not require an operator to engage the system before, during, or after an event (where building access can be virtually impossible during extreme conditions such as Hurricane Harvey).

These passive flood control measures ultimately protected both the office building and the parking garage, faring far better than the majority of the surrounding properties.

3000 Post Oak NW Entrance Flood Gates Working Properly

In this MooreWORKS brief, Dirk Kestner explores the progression of protective measures implemented that held strong during perhaps the most destructive storm the Bayou City has ever experienced.

"In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey set records in every category unloading 33 trillion gallons of rain, devastating many areas along Texas' Gulf Coast. In Harris County alone, 1 trillion gallons of water fell over the course of four days shutting down businesses, flooding neighborhoods, and displacing thousands of families. While many property managers nervously watched the waters invade downtown Houston and the Galleria, the managers of 3000 Post Oak property remained unaffected by the increasing flood waters due to foresight and previous mitigation measures in place." MOORE...