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UAMS Parking Deck a Beacon of Light

14 May 2024 Chad Snyder

This article originally appeared in the May 2024 issue of Parking Magazine


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences parking deck incorporates sustainability as well as sophisticated interior and exterior design. 

To address their continued growth, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) constructed a new parking deck to serve the eastern side of campus. This is the fourth parking deck that serves UAMS and is adjacent to the new Proton Therapy Cancer Center. 

The new parking deck is a five-level cast-in-place concrete structure with a total of 831 spaces, including eight EV Level 2 charging spaces with conduit run for an additional eight spaces in the future. The deck accommodates the parking needs of physicians and staff as well as a hotel to be constructed nearby. 

The deck was designed with 100 percent flat floor parking to maximize passive security elements and enhance user experience. Additionally, express ramps simplify navigation while increasing security for garage users. 

Aesthetic Qualities

In concert with the cast-in-place concrete, perforated aluminum sheet metal provides an economical, lightweight, and well-ventilated façade. Natural light is reflected and absorbed off the perforated façade throughout the day to create a unique and ever-changing color effect due to the parametric pattern. 

Because the parking deck is across from residential housing, the engineering roof lighting was detailed in a manner to reduce light spillage into the neighborhood. 

Within the parking deck, color-coded floor levels facilitate wayfinding to simplify navigation. Energy-efficient lighting is equipped with occupancy sensors and dimmers to minimize operational costs while increasing the sustainability features of the parking deck. 

Additionally, the tower structure was redesigned to reduce the carbon footprint of the deck. Instead of precast concrete panels for the tower, metal wall panels were used with a steel structure backing to provide the same appearance specified in the designs. The UAMS logo atop the tower serves as a welcoming beacon for visitors and staff. 

Ultimately, the UAMS parking deck came in under budget, which allowed UAMS the opportunity to provide funding for other projects on campus.

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