City of Orlando 15 Year Parking Master Plan


City of Orlando


Parking / Downtown: 38,000 spaces

Parking / City System: 19,700 Spaces

City of Orlando 15 Year Parking Master Plan


To create an event parking plan that focused on balancing the parking demand for major events between privately owned facilities and the city-owned parking system, the city of Orlando engaged Walter P Moore to develop a 15-year parking master plan. At the time of our study, it was perceived that the city had to provide all parking for major events within downtown Orlando. Walter P Moore’s parking group prepared detailed inventories, assessed the city’s parking demands, reviewed city policies and procedures, evaluated parking expenses/revenues, and developed a customized shared parking model that calculates block-to-block demand. The resulting master plan that supports the city’s economic development and land use plan, vision and goals, alleviated the need for the city to develop a significant amount of parking by providing methods to better utilize the existing parking supply throughout downtown. As a result, the city did not need to build additional structured parking, thereby saving millions of dollars.