Skyscrapers of downtown Orlando provide a backdrop against a large central lake, while a lush city park with abundant greenery and trees fills the foreground.

City of Orlando 15 Year Parking Master Plan

Smart plan saves millions

Project Facts

Location Orlando, Florida
Owner City of Orlando


Walter P Moore was engaged by the city of Orlando to develop a 15-year parking master plan, with a primary focus on optimizing parking resources for major events downtown. It was initially believed that the city had to solely provide parking for these events, but our team was able to advise a way to efficiently utilize existing parking facilities. The resulting plan saved the city millions of dollars in construction costs while adequately addressing the parking needs of citizens.


About the project

Our team’s parking group prepared detailed inventories, assessed the city’s parking demands, reviewed city policies and procedures, evaluated parking expenses/revenues, and developed a customized shared parking model that calculates block-to-block demand.

The resulting master plan supports the city’s economic development and land use plan, vision, and goals, and alleviates the need for the city to develop a significant amount of parking. It includes an outline of methods to better utilize the existing 38,000 parking spaces downtown and 19,700 spaces within the city system to support the needs of this growing and vibrant metropolis.