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Close up of a concrete pile, surrounded by steel support beams, pullies and cables.

I-269 Coldwater River Bridge Forensic Review and Litigation


The High Point Uptown Apartments are a multi-story building in Houston.

High Point Uptown Apartments Litigation Support

A boom lift machine hoists a worker toward the roof of a material storage facility. There is snow on the ground, and part of the exterior wall of the facility is removed.

Limestone Storage Collapse Forensic Review

Machines making Gap products in a ready-made garment factory.

Ready-Made Garment Factory Safety Program


In the background, a pickup truck and large Centerpoint Energy truck wade through a flooded road to complete repairs. The water flood line rises above the halfway point on the pickup truck tires. In the foreground, a section of the road is completely collapsed and flood water is flowing from the jagged edges into a sinkhole below.

Hurricane Harvey Sinkhole Repair


Outside view of the Union Pacific Center Railroad headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

Union Pacific Center Vibration Monitoring


You are looking at the Barbours Cut Terminal from a bird's eye view.

Port of Houston Authority Fire Damage Evaluation

The towering facade of the 19-story 3000 Post Oak building.

3000 Post Oak Flood Protection Plan


Outside of Valley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Valley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Repairs


The MD Anderson Cancer Center Prevention Building resides next to the Houston Main Building.

HMB Implosion Vibration Consulting


During construction, the west parking lot garage collapsed.

West Parking Garage Collapse Analysis


Scaffolding next to a large cracked beam on the outside of Ocean Tower in South Padre Island, Texas.

Ocean Tower Failure Analysis