Flood Mitigation: Protecting Your Assets

Flood Mitigation: Protecting Your Assets

September 18, 2018

As owners start to become more cognizant of the effects flooding, they need to be able to turn to engineering design professionals that can make them aware of the resources available to help protect their assets and help implement cost-effective change.

In this MooreWISE brief, Keith Gaynor delves into the differences between active and passive flood protection measures.

Flooding causes an average of $8 billion in damage each year across the U.S. and Houston, TX is no exception (NOAA). Within the last few years, residents in the Houston area have experienced unprecedented flood events — Memorial Day (May 2015), Tax Day (April 2016), and Hurricane Harvey (August 2017) — which wreaked havoc on many commercial property owners and campuses. These floods inundated their first floor and basement level spaces as well as on-grade and underground parking garages, rendering these structures unusable for many months and costing owners millions of dollars in flood damage repairs. Many of these owners have since turned to engineering professionals to assist them in retrofitting their properties to protect against flooding. 

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