Larry Griffis

Larry Griffis

Larry Griffis, PE

Senior Consultant

Larry is a nationally award-winning structural engineer with over 50 years of experience contributing structural design to more than 80 major buildings throughout the U.S. and internationally. His expertise involves the design of long-span roof structures, high-rise buildings, composite steel and concrete systems, and analysis of large buildings under wind and seismic forces. As one of the premier specialists in wind engineering, Larry has authored/contributed to the U.S. wind standard building codes. He is also a pioneer in the design of retractable roof stadiums and ballparks. Many projects under his direction have received numerous awards, including the Eminent Conceptor Award for the top engineering accomplishment in Texas.

Larry is honored with many distinguished professional awards including the coveted Kimbrough Award, the highest award presented for design innovation in structural steel, presented by the American Institute of Steel Construction. He was named to the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow to the American Concrete Institute, and a Fellow to the Structural Engineering Institute. Larry has a Master and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and is a licensed professional engineer in Texas and Florida.

Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
…recommendations of several of my professors at the University of Texas at Austin, the engineering school where I graduated in 1972. WPM was well known, a respected consulting firm in Houston.
What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
A quality structural design that provides great Client satisfaction.
Who or what inspires you?
Gustave Eiffel who financed, designed, and constructed the Eiffel Tower. [It] exceeded the height and grandeur of anything yet built… He delivered it on time and under budget, using unique construction techniques. Today, it stands as a proud symbol of France, Paris, and the French people. Not bad for an engineer!
What’s the best advice you’ve received—so far?
…don’t take it personally when you’re not selected for a high-profile project. …only rarely does it have anything to do with your talent and reputation. Get over it, and move on.


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