Sofi Stadium at dusk view of swopping ceiling.

Structural Engineering

Designing Integrity

We engineer world-class structures that astonish, perform, and withstand the toughest tests of nature and time. Our structural experts can design buildings for any usage, any conditions, any loads, anywhere on the planet.

Our Expertise

Our structural engineering team works with the world’s leading architects, developers, owners, and builders to deliver structures that are renowned for their integrity, utility, originality, and beauty. We provide comprehensive services for the full range of structural projects, from new builds to retrofits. Across segments and construction types, from sports to aviation, parking structures to skyscrapers, we have a passion for creating buildings that not only serve a need, but reach for greatness.

Building Expansions

We are adept at solving the myriad challenges that come with vertical and horizontal building expansions. Owners, architects and builders often entrust us to innovate expansion solutions for buildings we did not design. They know we have the experience to handle unknown underground conditions, unavailable documentation, foundation and column strengthening, optimal project sequencing, ongoing occupancy and any other issues that arise.

New Building Design

The more complex the structure, the higher the stakes to engineer a solution that can succeed against a barrage of challenges. Designing unprecedented new buildings with sophisticated structural elements is the very core of Walter P Moore. Empowered by advanced tools such as BIM and parametric modeling, we design long-span, kinetic, membrane and other innovative structures for long-term performance, adaptability and optimal construction efficiency.

Seismic Design and Retrofits

Walter P Moore has engineered hundreds of structural projects in areas of high seismic activity. We are industry-recognized experts in the seismic design of new buildings and the evaluation and rehabilitation of existing buildings, including beloved historic structures. We employ performance-based design to create built environments that go beyond building codes to meet our clients’ ongoing usage needs in the aftermath of a seismic event.

Structural Peer Review

Our experts are regularly sourced to evaluate structures designed by other firms, especially when highly complex engineering is involved, such as long spans, high seismic vulnerability and other critical demands. We are trusted for our independent, objective analysis, which can be used to confirm that sound designs are in place and constructability is optimized, as well as uncover potential errors prior to construction.

Structural Renovation

Walter P Moore has designed complex renovation and rehabilitation projects on more than 5,000 structures, including hotels, office buildings, convention centers, hospitals, airports, stadiums, university buildings, parking structures and more. We engineer solutions for the full range of requirements, from changes in occupancy and use, to building code upgrades, to strengthening for increased loads, to overcoming defects, distress and decay.


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