Matt Nebel

Matt Nebel PE - Walter P Moore

Matt Nebel, PE

Senior Associate

Prior to joining Walter P Moore, Matt’s experience was in federal/military projects and designing those facilities/structures for extreme loadings like blast, progressive collapse, and ballistics. As part of the Structures group, he specializes in secure design for institutions such as airports, sports stadia, hospitals, and corporate and educational campuses.

Matt earned his Bachelor and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Who or what inspires you?
Exercising first thing in the morning. It gets the blood flowing and the mind on point!
Why Walter P Moore?
Great company, great history, great projects.
What inspired you to become an engineer?
Balsa wood bridge design in middle school, the Science Olympiad designing a Rube Goldberg machine, and Science Crime Busters events.


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"Perimeter Hardening," Facility Manager (January/February 2019)