View of secure Mickey Leland Federal Building facade at night.

Secure Design

Standing Strong

We engineer advanced, technology-driven solutions to keep structures and the people within them safe and secure. Our experts are adept at analyzing and countervailing the full range of threats, both natural and human.

Our Expertise

Walter P Moore helps owners protect their buildings, occupants and visitors from natural disasters, accidents and terrorism. We combine deep security expertise and advanced tools to create solutions for both physical security and structural protection. These include risk assessments, site layouts, extreme loading resistance, and protections from blast, progressive collapse, forced entry, ballistics and vehicle ramming.

Threat and Protection Criteria

Our specialists collaborate with clients to assess potential threats and vulnerabilities and create the design criteria to prevent and protect. Our plans integrate guidelines from key agencies, including the Interagency Security Committee, GSA, State Department, TSA and DOD. We also stay abreast of code bodies such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Concrete Institute, American Institute of Steel Construction, and ASTM International.

Blast Design

We integrate our structural engineering and blast design expertise to give clients a comprehensive solution for complex facilities. Using single and multiple degree-of-freedom analyses and finite element tools, we design for deliberate explosive attacks and accidental blasts. Our advanced technologies allow us to predict blast loads and calculate SDOF response.

Bullet and Forced-Entry Resistant Design

Our specialists create solutions that meet government, ASTM, and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards to protect against bullet and forced-entry threats. Our designs guide the selection and detailing of building components to resist these attacks, using glazing, cladding, partitions and other protective measures.

Glass Hazard Mitigation

Our engineers help architects realize their vision to use dramatic glass features that are as stunning as they are functional and safe. We utilize the most advanced design and analysis tools, such as WinGARD, SBEDS-W and HazL, as well as nonlinear, dynamic numerical predictions to help our clients safely push the boundaries of building with glass.

Progressive Collapse Design and Analysis

Our engineers design in accordance with current GSA and DOD criteria. We collaborated with the DOD to develop new Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-023-03, “Design of Buildings to Resist Progressive Collapse.” We perform requisite static equivalent, static nonlinear or dynamic, nonlinear analysis with our standard design tools, SAP and ETABS. We also utilize finite element analysis (ANSYS) for more demanding problems.

Ram-Resistant Construction

Our secure design engineers collaborate with our traffic and parking specialists to optimize site layout and develop strategies to reduce access, minimize run-up speeds, and control vehicle pathways. When needed, we help clients select appropriate ram-resisting systems such as operable bollards and high-security gates.

Structural Retrofits and Hardening

We provide strategies and design solutions to harden new and existing buildings to minimize damage from blast events. Our engineers employ the latest materials and techniques, including strengthening by the addition of composite fiber wraps, steel jackets and concrete encasement.


We offer specialized support for clients navigating the SAFETY Act application process, a Department of Homeland Security program initiated in 2002 to encourage anti-terrorism technology development by providing liability protections.

With expertise in Secure Design, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Traffic Planning, solutions are tailored to each facility’s unique needs. Services include Threat Vulnerability and Risk Assessment, Design Basis Threat determination, vehicle vector analysis for barrier requirements, and blast impact analysis of glass and facade elements. 

Our unique combination of engineering design expertise of large public venues, integration of related engineering services, and our experience performing threat vulnerability and risk assessments for federal government and private owners allows us to develop holistic and effective solutions that focus on each client’s facility’s unique features.