Mexico City

Walter P Moore established an office in Mexico City in 2021 to provide international-quality engineering services to the dynamic and growing North American region. Our team in Mexico City is committed to the region with our growing portfolio. Walter P Moore combines industry-leading expertise with location-specific design solutions. Our clients have access to the firm’s 90 years of global project experience through our Mexico office.

We are an agile practice of structural and civil engineers within a global firm who understand the tailored guidance clients need when faced with a loss or litigation. Our clients appreciate our passion for digging into problems with tenacity and objectivity, providing peace of mind as they make a business decision.

Our specialized expertise is rooted in a combination of real-world design experience and deep knowledge of forensic and insurance assignments, enabling us to make complex engineering concepts concise and accessible.

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Our Current Services Include:

  • Insurance Claims Consulting
  • Extent of Damage Assessment
  • Dispute Resolution Support
  • Cause & Origin Investigation
  • Building Code Analysis
  • Construction/Design Defects
  • Pre-Disaster Risk Assessment
  • Post-Disaster Investigation
  • Catastrophic (CAT) Response
  • Flood Evaluation/Warning Systems/Dam Safety
  • Storm Water Quality/NPDES Consulting
  • Reservoir Planning and Design
  • Litigation Support
  • Vibration Consulting
  • Emergency Response/Disaster Recovery
  • Failure Analysis
  • Fire/Water Investigation/Repair
  • Façade Assessment, Repair, Recladding
  • Performance Modeling
  • Roofing and Waterproofing
  • Bridge Assessment and Rehabilitation
  • Corrosion Mitigation
  • Historic Preservation/ Restoration
  • Materials Consulting/Material Science
  • Nondestructive Evaluation
  • Third Party Review and Arbitration
  • Structural Assessment and Strengthening
  • Forensic Electrical Engineering
  • Forensic Machinery Breakdown
  • Forensic Mechanical Engineering
  • Forensic Renewable Energy Engineering