Celebrating Red, White & Blue the Green Way

28 June 2017
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Did you know that last year, more than 81 million people participated in an Independence Day cookout? As Americans prepare for the July 4th holiday, Walter P Moore’s Green Team has prepared some tips for celebrating a bit moore sustainably...

  1. Prepare large containers of drinks rather than individual cans/bottles.
    Use a pitcher of water from your fridge rather than buying water bottles. Same goes for lemonade and iced tea!

  2. Label cups with markers or chalkboard stickers for reuse.
    For moore creative ideas, see: Labeling Drinks at a Party. 

  3. Save leftovers or encourage guests to take them home.
    See Reducing Food Waste at Home or take the Food Waste Quiz.

  4. Provide reusable plates, utensils, cups, and napkins.
    If you can’t provide reusable ware, look for recycled or biodegradable products instead. 

  5. Provide well-marked recycling and compost bins.
    It’ll help divert waste into the correct stream and save you cleanup time.

  6. Pack food in reusable containers and bags.
    When preparing dishes for the celebration, reduce waste and packaging by bringing your own reusable containers.

  7. Buy locally sourced meat and produce.
    Support your local economy and reduce the number of miles your food has to travel.

  8. Walk, bike, bus, or carpool.
    About 35.5 million people will travel by car to 4th of July parties. By choosing a more sustainable way to get there, you can save emissions and cut back on traffic.

Cheers to #MooreGreen in your life!

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