COVID: Wired for Connection

23 March 2020
2020 03 20 lee anne li article

Originally published on LinkedIn by Lee Anne Dixon, Principal & Director of Operations in Walter P Moore’s Houston Infrastructure Group.


As many face the reality of working remotely and applying nimble leadership, Moore Expert Lee Anne Dixon P.E., PTOE, STP reflects on challenges and lessons reflected in daily work life during the days of COVID-19. 

Life is changing fast. Are you adapting well? Are you the best version of yourself today? We’ve quickly shifted from strolls to the coffee bar to new breaks that include switching the laundry over, loading the dishwasher, walking the dogs, teaching the littles, and ordering groceries online to be delivered in 10 days (hopefully).

Our COVID Task Force offered some great insight:

We have several new distractions facing us that get in the way of what we want or hope to accomplish today and in the days ahead.

Some technology may not be working as fast as we are used to experiencing. You can’t reach someone with a question.

This can quickly lead to frustration which can also quickly lead to feelings where you want to stop trying or give up or disengage.

We recognize that we are each concerned about meeting our deadlines and client commitments.

The Good NEWS: “We are resilient and well equipped and running at the challenge with focus and optimism.” – Lee Slade, Chairman of the Board, Walter P Moore

Your clients are dealing with these same challenges. Some of the lessons that we are learning, resources we are building, are great to share with others. Not everyone has the capability to do it at the scale and pace that we have. Make these resources available to your colleagues and clients.

Let people talk. Hear them as they tell their stories. This is therapeutic for all. Listen and listen some more.

We are working with imperfect technology; we miss our dual monitors (or 3 screens). Docking stations may or may not be functioning like they did at the office. I hear from many of you that you are using video conferences which is a great way to connect more personally.

Keep health and safety at the top of your conversations and agendas. Talk about those items first. “How are you feeling? Is your family doing well?”

The sooner we #FlattenTheCurve, the sooner life reverts to more normal conditions including the economy.

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