For the Wins! Six Structures Projects Score Big at ACEC

21 March 2016
Six structures score big rev3


Updated April 20, 2016 to reflect National Grand Conceptor Award

Initial results are in for the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) 2016 Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) — “the Academy Awards of the engineering industry” — though we are still awaiting final results for some of our submissions. Our Structures group submitted six projects across six states and we’re ecstatic to have earned a total of 15 awards so far, with one more award still pending!


About the Awards
ACEC holds annual EEA competitions, beginning at the state chapter levels and later advancing to the National level if the submission achieves a high enough award, which varies from state to state. To date, all states have bestowed initial awards (determining whether a project advances to the National EEA competition), although not all states have held their galas announcing their top project overall (Florida event is later in 2016).

Eligible projects have been submitted to National, and initial results have been communicated. ACEC bestows “National Recognition Awards” for worthy projects (akin to Honorable Mentions) and selects 24 exceptional projects (16 Honor Awards, 8 Grand Awards). Finally, one of the eight Grand Award winners is chosen as the Grand Conceptor, or overall best engineering project.


Results To Date, Summary

All six projects received a recognition award from their respective states.

Five projects were recommended by their state to advance to the National competition.

Four projects won Top Structure in their respective state (top award in the “Structural Systems” category). 

Three of those projects won Top Project in their state [CA, GA, TX] (they won across all twelve categories). One state [FL] is still pending. 

At the national level, four projects earned National Recognition Awards. 

One project, SFO Air Traffic Control Tower, swept both its state (ACEC California Golden State Award) AND the National competition, winning the Grand Conceptor award — the “Most Outstanding Engineering Triumph” in the U.S.!


State Competition Results

ACEC-Missouri [1 Grand Conceptor, 8 Grand Awards, 7 Honor Awards] 
First Tennessee Park (Nashville, TN) — Honor Award (did not advance to National)

ACEC-Texas [1 Eminent Conceptor, 9 Gold Medal Winners, 6 Silver Medal Winners] 
Kyle Field Redevelopment (College Station, TX) — Eminent Conceptor Winner (top project overall in Texas) and Gold Medal, Structural Systems (advanced to National).

ACEC-Nevada [No official state competition this year; endorsed by state to National] 
Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway Complex (Mount Charleston, NV) — This was the only project endorsed and forwarded to the national level by ACEC-Nevada.

ACEC-Florida [1 Grand Conceptor, 6 Grand Awards, 6 Honor Awards]
Citrus Bowl Transformation (Orlando, FL) — Grand Award, Structural Systems (advanced to National). Eligible for state Grand Conceptor (awarded August 5).

ACEC-Georgia [1 Grand Prize, 5 State Awards, 9 Honor Awards]
National Center for Civil and Human Rights (Atlanta, GA) — Grand Prize Winner (top project overall in Georgia) and State Award, Structural Systems (advanced to National).

ACEC-California [1 Golden State Award, 14 Honor Awards, 13 Merit Awards]
SFO Air Traffic Control Tower (San Francisco, CA) — Golden State Award Winner (top project overall in California) and Honor Award, Structural Systems (advanced to National).


National Results
[1 Grand Conceptor, 8 Grand Awards, 16 Honor Awards, several National Recognition Awards]

National Recognition Awards

Kyle Field Redevelopment

Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway Complex

Citrus Bowl Transformation

National Center for Civil and Human Rights


National Grand Award

SFO Air Traffic Control Tower (San Francisco, CA) — One of eight Grand Awards, eligible for the Grand Conceptor (the singular top project in the U.S.).


National Grand Conceptor Award

SFO Air Traffic Control Tower (San Francisco, CA) 
Click to view the ACEC 2016 Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award video


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