MoorePeople: The Intern Experience

20 February 2020
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For decades, Walter P Moore has actively cultivated intern partnerships across all areas of our firm, spanning market sectors and office locations. This hands-on training is an excellent way to assess future opportunities and receive exposure to world-class projects while learning from industry experts.

For many, it’s an opportunity to work alongside engineering professionals and develop skills they would not have been exposed to otherwise. “Growing up I never thought I would be where I am today. Being 20 years old and working at an engineering firm is crazy to me. I am more than thankful for the opportunity I have been given,” says Carlos Villeda, a desktop support analyst. “I’ve learned so much throughout the three years I’ve been here and look forward to continuing to work with my team.”

Dedicated Mentors
From their first day at the firm, interns are considered a valuable member of the project team. “It has been wonderful working with smart, approachable people who trust me to be on their team,” says Houda Dimade, an intern in the firm’s Water Resources group. “Since day one, I have been involved in real projects—from the kick-off meetings to submitting the construction plans.” 

Dimade appreciates that she has been surrounded by mentors who are dedicated to helping her succeed. “I was assigned tasks that challenged me and allowed me to put my classroom skills to the test in real-world circumstances. I am grateful to Walter P Moore for welcoming me and preparing me for my professional career after graduation,” she adds.

Interns are given the unique ability to be a part of high-level projects and a front-row view of engineering operations. “Working with a team of engineers on various projects has been an incredibly valuable experience,” says Fei Xie. “The bar is set high in terms of work and quality. Working at Walter P Moore makes me want to continuously challenge myself to learn and grow.”

Building Pathways
Walter P Moore has long been a supporter of Genesys Works, a program that creates pathways to career success for high school students through skills training and work experiences. Some students, such as Sucely Munoz, make the transition from a high school student to a college intern, continuing their engineering education. “Through my experience, I have improved my communication and time management skills, which are very important in the engineering industry. I have also had the opportunity to develop technical skills in CAD, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Bluebeam,” says Munoz. “I enjoy coming to work every day because there is always a new learning opportunity.”

Clarissa Salas, also a former Genesys Works student, describes herself as extremely fortunate to have been able to start an internship at such a young age. “Over the last year and a half, this opportunity has brought me unforgettable experiences, lessons, and connections,” she says. “As a first-generation Latina student, this adventure has been new to me and my family.”

An intern in the finance department, her work-study program has provided Clarissa with a greater understanding of the accounting side of a firm by overseeing all of the accounts payable and receivable of Walter P Moore and sub-consultants. “Aside from technical skills, I have learned personal skills, which include time management, being a team player, and most importantly, professionalism. Through this internship, I can build my network and connect with incredible leaders that continue to guide me through this journey. I am extremely grateful to the firm for trusting and believing in me,” she adds.

Creating Confidence
Intern positions are fully indoctrinated into the firm culture. They attend social events, participate in client meetings, are eligible for project team awards, and volunteer for community projects. However, they absorb large responsibilities as well. While they work closely with project managers and other team members, they are given full responsibility for their role in the project process. “Being at Walter P Moore has taught me a lot about the process of the projects that my team is involved in,” says Civil Engineering intern Zarifah MohammadShah. “Since working at Walter P Moore I have learned to know how to get record drawings from COH to designing a culvert and a bridge. Here, I was able to get involved in the projects and learn as much as possible.”

Diagnostics intern Eliana Yan adds, “I have had the opportunity to work alongside great engineers that have so much experience to share. I was exposed to different projects within the diagnostic division, where I was able to apply the knowledge and skills that I have acquired throughout my time in university. This opportunity has provided me the confidence to pursue a long-time career in engineering.” Both agree that their questions are always welcomed and that they can always rely on their fellow team members—no matter how busy they are.

Client Experience
But at the end of their workday, a key takeaway is providing extraordinary client experience. A core value within the firm and one which students carry with them beyond their time with the firm.

“An essential role of a civil engineer is to be a faithful and trustee agent to his or her client. Without efficient communication and teamwork, the cost of a project increases, the quality of a project diminishes, and the bond between engineer and client is weakened,” says Civil intern Faith Malton. “Working at Walter P Moore has improved my communication skills, enriched my attention to detail, and furthered my curiosity and drive to solve challenging problems so that I can be an exceptional agent to clients throughout my career.”

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