Internships have been part of Walter P Moore’s work culture since our founding. We consider them to be an extended interview—an up-close and personal way to assess how well we fit together professionally and as a community.  

We offer traditional summer internships, co-op opportunities, longer-term internships (for those in between bachelor’s and master’s degrees), and internships while attending school (location permitting). We regularly post and update these opportunities in the Careers Section of our site. Look under “All Opportunities” and specify a location preference, if you have one.  We encourage you to apply no more than 3-4 months prior to the start of the internship period you seek.

Structures and Diagnostics Groups. A master’s degree is required to be considered for an entry-level engineering or consulting position in these Groups. We look for potential candidates among students who are: within a semester of completing their bachelor’s; are in-between a bachelor’s and master’s; or have already begun a master’s program.

Infrastructure Group. A master’s degree is preferred but not mandatory for this Group. to be considered for an entry-level engineering position in the Infrastructure Group , although it is strongly preferred.  We accept intern candidates who’ve completed at least 60 hours towards a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Interning at Walter P Moore